Quirky Shows You May Have Forgotten About, But Shouldn’t

Any more, sitting down to watch television can be a chore. Perhaps more appropriately, we’ve been spoiled with such strong television offerings in the last five years, that now, well, we turn our nose up at anything that doesn’t look like it has staying power.

Even worse, if the show doesn’t have a strong social media presence, then we won’t even bother turning it on.

Still, there have been good shows that have come and gone over the years that, for some, barely registered or were hardly on anyone’s DVR for later viewing. A lot of times, these kinds of shows have a quirkiness to them that has endeared themselves to a niche fanbase that clamors for them to either come back or begs for them to not get cancelled.

Sometimes, they’re cable shows, other times, they’re on networks that have little to no patience for programs that don’t launch into those meteoric heights (or that damn 18-49 demographic.)

Here are some quirky shows that went by the wayside (or are still available now) and where you can watch them.


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