If You Like Doctor Who, You Should Be Watching These Shows


Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Lucy Brown, Douglas Henshall, Ben Mansfield, Laila Rouass

Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Lucy Brown, Douglas Henshall, Ben Mansfield, and Laila Rouass


Professor Nick Cutter (Henshall) leads a team charged with exploring temporal anomalies, that, from time to time, allow creatures from the distant past and not-so-distant future through.

Along with his brilliant (yet socially awkward) student Connor (Potts) and zookeeper Abbey (Spearritt), the team consistently goes up against the worst these anomalies can throw at them.

Why It Was So Good:

Where do I start?

Though the show saw various cast changes over the five seasons it aired (plus the follow up show Primeval: New World), each new character usually had something to offer. Potts and Spearritt stayed on through the end and their on-screen relationship stood the test of time.

Once Henshall left, he was aptly replaced by Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch) for one season, then Ciarán McMenamin for the final two.

The CGI wasn’t always feature-film quality, but the storylines were good and the acting was always memorable.

Scene-stealers included Juliet Aubrey (as Nick’s long-thought dead wife and eventual nemesis for the first three seasons) and Ben Miller (as James Lester, the government man in charge).

Oh, and if I hadn’t mentioned it before, the future predators were terrifying.

Where Can I Watch It?:

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