Doctor Who: Who’s Next?

With the announcement that Peter Capaldi will not be returning as the Doctor after series ten runs its course later this year, the ever-popular conversation of who replaces Who has begun for fans everywhere.

Since the series returned back in 2005 with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), the show has proven to be a ratings juggernaut both in its home of the United Kingdom as well as here in the States.

So who in the world could replace Capaldi and become the 13th Doctor? Many have clamored for our titular hero to regenerate as a woman or person-of-color, which, to me, either would be a welcome change of pace.

While Capaldi was the first older version of the Doctor that the rebooted series cast, all four of the current Doctors have all been white men. Even Capaldi himself had an idea for who he wants to replace him.

The time felt right to bow out. To let somebody else play this wonderful role and I would like Frances de la Tour to be first female doctor.

With new show-runner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) coming on board as well, this will be no easy task. So, who do we think deserves a look? Click below to find out.


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