Obscure Modern Pop Music from Around the World

When’s the last time you had a healthy dose of obscure pop music? Moments ago, I consumed a plate myself. Let’s discuss each course of this meal in detail.

Course One: Yelle

Yelle is a French Electropop group who has released three albums to date. Pop Up came in 2007, followed by Safari Disco Club in 2011. I discovered the group in 2014 with the release of Complètement fou.

They have a lot of catchy songs, and translations can be found here for those who may be interested. “Complètement fou” translates to “Completely Crazy,” and “Coca sans bulles” is a bubbly song about a glass of flat cola, with the name literally meaning “Coke without bubbles.”

The band, along with all the others discussed in this article, can be found on all major streaming and download services.

Course Two: CSS

CSS is a Brazilian band who records songs in both English and Portuguese. Their initials have nothing to do with web development, rather standing for “Cansei de Ser Sexy.” In English, this means “I’m Tired of Being Sexy.”

Their first album came in 2005, featuring explosive songs like “Alala” and “Death from Above.” Two more superb releases came in 2008 and 2011, with Planta being released in June 2013. This record saw the band focus on more of on an electronic sound, which deterred certain longtime fans.

The guitar-focused song “Dynamite” will remind the faithful of CSS’s earlier material, but I enjoy every track on Planta. For those fortunate enough to own the CD, rest assured that lyrics are included in the booklet.

Course Three: 4minute

I discovered this K-Pop (South Korean pop) group back in March 2014 with their fifth release titled 4Minute World. Their mixture of singing and rapping is unique and addicting, with English phrases and words thrown in here and there to make things even more memorable. Many of their albums are released in small chunks as EPs.

I’d also reccomend checking out the albums Hit Your Heart and Name is 4minute.

Despite their popularity in Japan and South Korea, the group disbanded in 2016 following ongoing contract disputes.

Final Thoughts

I had a fulfilling meal of pop music, plentiful in neurological nutrients and delicious drum beats. When you find the time to do so, if you’re so inclined, delve further into these artists and expand your musical horizons.

A great song can come in the form of any genre, and modern pop music still has many gems eagerly waiting to become graciously unearthed from obscurity.


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