Futuristic and Dystopian Shows You May Have Forgotten About, But Shouldn’t

Childhood’s End

Promotional poster used for the miniseries by SyFy

Promotional poster used for the miniseries by SyFy


Based on the book of the same nameChildhood’s End is a three-part miniseries that pretty much sums up what a dystopian future would look like.

In 2016, an alien overlord arrives on Earth and instead of destroying the planet or take it over by force (as aliens are apt to do in most movies, TV shows, and miniseries), offers Earth the opportunity to become a Utopia.

Within 15 years, disease, famine, and pollution are a thing of the past. The overseer of Earth, known only as Karellen, finally reveals himself to humanity, and though the overlords have done exactly what they’ve said they’d do, people are shocked at his appearance.

What happens next? Well, you have to see it to believe it.

Why It Was So Good:

Frankly, it wasn’t great. But, in all, it has more enjoyable moments than forgetful ones.

A lot of times, you can see where shows go wrong, and Childhood’s End suffers from a lot of the typical science fiction tropes that it tries ever so hard to avoid. As a miniseries, it can be difficult to watch, as even though each is around an hour in length, they sometimes felt like feature-length films. The reveal of what Karellen was, well, that was shocking.

His mission? Even more so.

Where Can I Watch It?:

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