80s Movies That Don’t Need a Remake

Hollywood is all about the remake. Or the reboot.

Any way you slice it, new ideas are far and few between at your local cinema. For some, that’s OK, as originality kind of went out the door with Shakespeare. Others, though, argue that for certain films, most are just better off left alone.

In recent years, Tinseltown has given us its fair share of remakes or reboots, and for the most part, it seems like nothing from the 1980s is sacred to Hollywood executives.

While superheroes have been the go-to for the last decade and a half, we also got a new Ghostbuster team this summer, the Turtles have come and gone (with a whimper), Transformers seemingly get a new film every couple of years that are far duller than the original animated feature film, and let’s not forget the horror franchises, which see their fair share of remakes and reboots.

We can take a lot of this with a grain of salt, because, well, we’re easy to entertain. But, there are still some sacred cows out there that we all hope Hollywood isn’t ready to milk for all its worth…and some, that sadly they are.

For now, let’s take a look at true classics from the 80s that are better off left alone.


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